Without a doubt this is one of the single most cost effective ways to transform the look and feel of a room for the day, with the ability to independantly choose colours per light, or match them exactly all the way around the room.  We can provide uplighting at very competitive rates, but even if it doesn't come from us, this is something we recommend you consider for your wedding or party because of the sheer visual impact it can make for a relatively small outlay.


If it is provided by us it will be provided and setup for you, we can seamlessly switch control when the main party music begins and make them colour change in controlled patterns and chase around the room to the beat of the music!


Please check out the image below, kindly provided by the emmalinebride.com blog, which we have picked out a textbook example that highlights the before and after effect that a few well placed discrete light fixtures around the room can create.

special thanks to @sparkweddingevents for this great shot of sparkular in action.



Undoubtedly the most popular and effective addon of the last year in wedding and corporate parties alike.  Sparkular gives a truly spectacular short burst of indoor cold spark-like particles that look exactly like their pyrotechnic counterparts, but without heat or smoke.

Perhaps the most impressive thing about it though is the inherant safety of being cold sparks, that means it's approved by fire officers for indoor, outdoor and even marquee use.  Its so inert that you can (and we have done to test it!) stick a flammable cloth, a paper sheet, or even human hand directly in it with no worries about anything burning at all.


LED Dancefloors, Glow Furniture and Table centerpieces


We can provide any of the dancefloors, tables, glowing bar counter or table decor pictured below, up to full scale video walls and a whole load more through our industry leading friends at LED factory, we chose to team up with them to offer a continually expanding selection of professionally maintained and often bespoke units. After seeing the difference between these, and the stock ones often with years of visible abuse and wear and tear in circulation there was simply no contest.  In fact, if you book them through us they will provide a professional consultant to join us at any planning meetings, deliver and setup at the venue, and remove it all afterwards at the same price or less, with none of the hastle.

Check out these great examples below of just what we can do for you, all thanks to Avtar and the LED factory team. We seriously can't recommend them enough!