Selfie Wizard


Selfie Wizard is our all in one complete event photo gathering service which offers instant print's with personalised border framing.  You can double up print outs, to give a copy for the guest, and a copy for your own special photo book.


You do not need any additional cameras or old fashioned film disposables, as the photo's can be collected directly from your guest smartphone camera's. No app's, mobile data usage or installation of any kind required - it works over a dedicated wifi network at zero cost to your guests.

your guests can use this really simple interface through their phones ordinary web browser to share till their heart's content.


Photos can then be printed out live as they arrive, with your own personalised border added as they print.  They are similtaneously included in a constantly evolving randomised slide show on screen.


We can select a printout package quantity to suit your specific needs, down to simply supplying the original uploaded files by web delivery or USB drive.