Add a new dimension to the existing quiz format that allows guests to use their own smart devices to answer questions, buzz in, and participate interactively.  This has a much faster and more energetic feel to it courtesy of the multimedia elements, and the fact that you don't need to stop to mark rounds.  Scoreboards are ready and on screen the moment a round completes.

The speed of the questions, and some other clever tricks within the software we use effectively makes cheating nigh on impossible, and can catch people out that try!


This can be set up and running in a venue extremely quickly, and questions can be themed, chosen suitable for older/younger/mixed audiences, or completely tailored to a suit a specific company or event.


We welcome all kinds of pub, bar, and company bookings but also encourage people to use their imagination.  Imagine a wedding for instance where every table can join in the ultimate game of Mr and Mrs style questions themed about the couple of their tastes and likes.  This can be used to fill the time while people are waiting for meals to be served, or even just to provide light entertainment in a smaller room while the main room is being rearranged between ceremony and reception.


We can even brand the images shown while the questions or scoreboard aren't live to show your own monogram, logo, or advertising and promotions, or even in the case of a wedding an old photo slideshow!  The same photo collection can even be entered into the selfie wizard later in the night for bookings that would use that as well.